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Class MooContentAssist

This is the basic MooContentAssist class. It adds a content/code assist functionality to your textareas.
Defined in: MooContentAssist.js.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
Construct a new MooContentAssist object.
Class Detail
Construct a new MooContentAssist object.
{Object} options
{HtmlElement} options.source
The html element of an input or textarea.
{Integer} options.frameSize Optional, Default: 3
How many items show in the window at same size.
{Integer} options.animationDuration Optional, Default: 75
How long the show/hide animation in milliseconds
{Object} options.vocabulary
The JSON obj representing the vocabulary
{Boolean} options.vocabularyDiscoverer Optional, Default: true
Toggle the automatic words discoverer on/off
{String} options.vocabularyUrl Optional
The url for ajax calls. It's optional.
{String} options.vocabularyUrlParam Optional, Default: "ns"
The name of the querystring variable passed to the options.vocabularyUrl in ajax calls
{String} options.vocabularyUrlMethod Optional, Default: "get"
Supported: get, post. Used for ajax calls.
{Object} options.windowPadding Optional, Default: {x: 0, y: 2}
The margin of the assist window. It's an object with x,y keys.
{String} options.itemType Optional, Default: "li"
The tag used for generating itemsContainer
{String} options.itemsContainer Optional, Default: "ul"
The tag used for generating the items container
{String} options.matchedTextItemType Optional, Default: "span"
The tag used for the matched text
{Boolean} options.aggressiveAssist Optional, Default: "true"
Toggle aggressiveAssist mode on/offset
{String[]} options.namespaceAllowed Optional, Default: ["()", "$"]
Define which strings can be contained in namespaces item.
{Object} options.css Optional
{String} options.css.item Optional, Default: "item"
The css class for the single item
{String} options.css.itemsContainer Optional, Default: "itemsContainer"
The css for the items container
{String} options.css.itemSelected Optional, Default: "itemSelected"
The css class added to the item when it's selected
{String} options.css.messageItem Optional, Default: "message"
{String} options.css.matchedText Optional, Default: "matched"
{Object} options.labels Optional
{String} options.labels.nothingFound Optional, Default: "Nothing was found."
{String} options.labels.ajaxError Optional, Default: "Error while retrieving data."
{Function} options.vocabularyManager_GetVocabulary Optional
{Function} options.vocabularyManager_Extract Optional
{Function} options.vocabularyManager_Render Optional
{MooContentAssist} A MooContentAssist

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